Yuca Plants and Their Benefits

Yuca plants grow in West India and the dry regions of America. There are 40 to 50 species and 29 subspecies of this plant in North and South America. It is known as (mandioca) in Brazil. Native Americans have been using the Yucca plants as a source of food, medicine, and fiber for centuries. You can drink the water from this plant and the flowers are edible; although hard on your digestive system. You can (boil them) eat the flowers right off the plant.

The yuca plants and trees have other practical uses. They are used in landscaping in Western US because of its durability and beautiful snake like leaves. They can be grown indoors. They are very easy to maintain and are beautiful to view.

Fun Facts About The Yuca Plant

The strips of their tough fibrous leaves can be used to make tough cords or weaving baskets. The yucca roots can be used as a natural chemical free shampoo. In the yucca roots is a natural shampoo to wash your hair. You can cut up a few pieces of the (uncooked) root and shake it up in a 16 oz bottle of water. The white frothy solution is your natural shampoo. How’s that for a beneficial plant?


Yuca Roots- What Are Yuca Roots?

The yuca root is a long hard yam shaped root covered in a hard shell that is sold covered in wax to preserve it.  The hard brown shell is removed before cooking exposing the white firm potato like insides. It has the taste of a potato, and can be turned into flour (more on that later).


Yuca Plant Healthy Benefits

  1. High steroidal saponin content lowers cholesterol by preventing cholesterol from absorbing into the bloodstream.
  2. Saponin in the yucca plant lowers pain causing inflammation in disorders such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and other body stiffening disorders. Take along with your medications.
  3. The resveratrol in the yucca root, which is a natural antioxidant  prevents free radical damage from oxidation which can lead to heart disease.
  4. Healthy flour cooking alternative. Yucca flour is gluten free and can be used with other yucca recipes such as Pan de yucca a delicious cheese bread.

Yuca Root Recipes

. People are creating healthy Yuca recipes more and more today.

  • Cuban Style Yuca – A potatoe type Cuban dish.
  • Yuca Fries. Boil for 10 minutes then fried like French fries.
  • Yuca with Garlic Sauce (Yuca con Mojo) Popular in Cuba now Miami.
  • Cassava Cake- Cake made from Yuca flour and other ingredients.

The Yucca root can be processed and sifted to make a gluten free flour for baking bread and other Yucca recipes.  If you were thinking about growing a healthy plant I think you can agree that the Yucca Plant fits the bill. It may have a rough exterior but that’s just to protect all the benefits it has inside.  You can see that there are many uses for the yuca. 

Our Cheese Rolls

Our gluten free cheese rolls are made using Brazilian yucca flour which is 100% gluten-free. The yuca flour is created when the yuca is shredded and after the liquid is separated out. Yuca flour is widely used in Brazil to make all kinds of food from desserts to savory dishes. Long ago regular flour was of low quality, so yuca flour was regularly substituted. Around 1960 the popularity of cheese rolls spread throughout Brazil and today every Brazilian household knows and loves pão de queijo. They are able to last up to one year in the freezer and retain their freshness. They are best consumed when still warm. Adults and children will both love the taste of cheese rolls.


Our cheese rolls comes ready to bake.

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