Viva Natural began as the dream of a girl from Brazil to return to the healthy roots of her childhood. She came to New York and worked in the food industry for nearly 10 years but became discontented as it was nearly impossible to find the foods from her youth and even harder to find the natural and original tasteå in them. She wanted to make the authentic Brazilian food she grew up eating using local ingredients for freshness while still maintaining original recipes. She started small making them first as delicious yet natural snacks for her husband and son. She then made them for her extended family and friends (most of whom were other Brazilians longing for a taste of home) and soon it became a hit. Yes they were tasty, but they also are wonderful options for those who require a gluten-free diet. Living life to the fullest, but remaining natural-as is said, “Do jeitinho brasileiro.” Naturally Made – Genuinely Good.


Our Favorites
Here at Viva Natural, we’re proud of the foods we create. Our cheese rolls are perfect for breakfast, appetizers, a side dish or any of those moments when you crave a warm Brazilian snack. It’s been said that these cheese rolls originated in the 18th century amongst the slaves of Minas Gerais who found the cassava (or yuca) used by the native Indians to be of superior taste and quality. They loved it so much they managed to grind it into flour – making it a hearty staple of their everyday meals. Before they knew it, their secret had spread to cattle ranches across the region and eventually became the national bread of Brazil.Can’t wait to get your hands on some of your own celiac disease friendly cheese rolls? Our goal is to make each of our tasty products affordable to everyone. Do jeitinho brasileiro – Naturally Made – Genuinely Good!

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